Annual Maintenance Plan: Are They Valuable?

AC maintenance service is recommended twice a year for proper cooling equipment maintenance. It becomes easier and more cost-effective to get annual service when you opt for annual maintenance plans.

An annual AC maintenance plan lightens the burden on your pocket as you get discounted services. It also solves the problem of forgetting to schedule yearly maintenance services in spring and fall.

Reasons That Make An Annual Maintenance Plan Valuable

You may feel confused about the benefits of the annual maintenance plan. You will have to examine its benefits to understand why this service is worth your money. The advantages of a yearly maintenance plan are:

  • Extended Air Conditioning Lifespan

AC generally has a lifespan of 12 to 15 years. However, it functions smoothly for more than a decade only if it gets serviced twice annually.

It is because annual AC service includes cleaning, inspection, repairs, etc. Therefore, its efficiency will decrease if the air conditioner is not serviced annually.

This decrease in efficiency shortens the lifespan of the air conditioning unit, and it may work well for only ten years. Therefore, an annual maintenance plan can help you utilize your air conditioning units till the warranty period or more than the warranty period.

  • Better Cooling And Reduced Utility Bills

The outcomes of air conditioner leakage, dirty components, and clogging are uneven cooling, fluctuating room temperatures, and high utility bills.

An annual maintenance service prevents these outcomes by putting a full stop to the problem of leakage and extreme dirt. In short, you get a better cooling experience but fewer utility bills when you schedule annual AC maintenance.

  • It Saves From Unnecessary AC Repairs

As we constantly use our AC, the chances of premature wear and tear increase. The air conditioner maintenance service fixes the wear and tear on time.

This timely repair prevents the AC problem from extending further. Thus, you will not need repetitive AC repair Vancouver WAwhen minor defects get noticed and fixed on time.

  • An Improvement In The Air Quality

The impact of HVAC equipment on indoor air quality depends on how clean your heating and cooling equipment is. Unfortunately, cleaning the air conditioning unit regularly and thoroughly is hard without professional help.

This professional help is provided during annual air conditioner maintenance. Therefore, you get improved indoor air quality with a yearly maintenance plan.

  • The Best Option For Both Comfort And Money

Whether you have AC installation Vancouver WA, or a ducted air conditioning unit, the maintenance requirements and the benefits are the same for every piece of cooling equipment.

The benefits of yearly AC service include high cooling efficiency with low energy consumption, fewer air conditioner repairs, and extended AC lifespan. These benefits make the annual air conditioner service the best option for our comfort and money.

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