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Installing a new air conditioning unit is not something most homeowners see every day. Central air conditioners tend to last about 15 years, and newer models can last even longer. If your AC rattles or stops working, usually an inspection and a few repairs can have it back in ship-shape once more. However, there are a surprising number of circumstances where a new air conditioner is called for and AC installation is the only right answer.

Some homeowners are building a new space that needs a new AC, while others are replacing an AC that is on its last legs. You may even be intending to completely redesign the way AC is handled in your house, moving from an old leaky system to something newer and more energy-efficient.

Today, we’re here to explore five different situations in which air conditioning installation is the right answer for your Brush Prairie home or the plans you are making.

New Brush Prairie Construction Homes

Every modern home built needs an air conditioner. If you are having a new-construction home built for you, naturally, it will need an air conditioner. With a fully custom home, you will need to think about the right AC unit for your Brush Prairie home design and choose it with care. Not only should you consider the size of the home you’re cooling, but also the quality of each unit, how it will connect to your ducts, or whether you want a ductless system instead.

Then there’s the consideration of AC brand, and the predicted lifespan of the model you choose. If you’re not sure about the specifics, check with you Twin Cities AC service to consult on the best model for the home you’re planning to build.

Replacing an Old AC Unit

Homes last much longer than a single AC unit. Homes that were built fifteen years ago or more are already past-due for a new AC installation and certain circumstantial conditions can cause an air conditioning unit to expire before it’s time. If you don’t know how old your AC is, then listen and check for signs that it is failing over time.

Determine the coolness of air coming out of your vents. If your Brush Prairie home has been warm despite a low-set thermostat, or if your air conditioner makes a great deal of noise to provide you with cool air, these are signs that the unit is wearing down and is likely near the end of it’s life. Watch out for unusual or musty smells, the sound of the AC constantly restarting itself, and a frequent need for repairs. In many cases, an AC that needs major repairs will be more affordable to replace in the long run.

Adding Air Conditioning to Your Garage

Garage renovations are all the rage, whether you’re sprucing up your garage workshop or actually building the garage into an extra living space. Of course, there’s just one catch: Garages are un-insulated, un-air-conditioned, and they can get overwhelmingly hot in the winter. Some homeowners choose to extend their old ducts into the garage, but often the better solution is to install a separate cooling unit for space.

Garages are perfect for a one-zone ductless AC unit because you only want to cool one area rather than an entire home. Deciding on a separate AC installation for the garage also ensures that your central home AC is not weakened by the addition of the new larger space or impacted by the fact that the garage may not be fully insulated yet. This way, your home AC remains nice and efficient while your garage AC offers a cool breeze for any family members working or relaxing in your extra space.

Building a Guest House

Then there are homeowners who are building a completely separate living space in their backyard or further out on the land of a large estate. Guesthouses and private club/pool houses are not uncommon in Minnesota. Homeowners often benefit from having additional living space in the backyard both for family use and for guests who come to stay. Some even build guest houses to Airbnb their beautiful yards and desirable neighborhoods. No matter what type of outbuilding or its purpose, having a separate AC unit is a luxury you will appreciate in the summer.

For your guest house, air conditioning installation is a must if you want your cute extra home to be comfortable during peak vacation season. Many Minnesotans pass on AC for their pool houses, but a small unit can turn that sunny outbuilding into a luxury spot to retreat to between dips in the pool and grounds of sunbathing on the deck.

No matter how large or small your guest house may be, the perfect AC unit can be found to provide traditional or ductless cooling. If you’re not sure about the right type of AC for a small guest house in your backyard, your Twin Cities AC service can help you assess the structure or your plans to build.

Flipping a Historic Un-Air Conditioned HomeAC Replacement in Vancouver, Brush Prairie, Battle Ground, Ridgefield, Camas, Washougal, Yacolt, Ariel, La Center, Amboy, Kalama, Longview, WA

The oldest homes in Minnesota were built long before air conditioning was invented and there are still many historic homes in the state that have not been fully modernized.

Home flippers, people who professionally or recreationally update homes to resell, can benefit a great deal from adding air conditioning to the previously un-conditioned house. This single upgrade can significantly raise the assessed value of the home. But, more importantly, it’s the difference between casual hipster buyers and an eager family who can move in right away.

Choosing the right AC solution for a historical home is especially important because you want to leave as much of the history intact as possible. You will need the help of AC professionals to choose the right location for the unit and the right methods for conveying cold air into the home. Done correctly, you can flip a beautiful historic home packed with country charm while also offering a cool modern lifestyle for the new buyers.

Redesigning Your Brush Prairie Home AC System

Finally, there are homeowners who are considering a new AC for design reasons. If you’re facing an aging AC and know that you want something different, now is the time to start assessing your modern AC options. There have been a few serious advancements in AC technology in the last 15 years and homeowners now have far more options than they did when your AC unit was originally installed.

Whether you’re fully renovating your home or just modernizing the appliances, homeowners now have a great deal of say in how their homes are cooled. A consultation with your AC service can help you better understand which models can be installed in your Brush Prairie home and the difference between them. Whether you’re going ductless or having all-new ducts installed, this is an exciting way to approach air conditioning installation.

Here at All Around Mechanical, we are dedicated to providing the best possible service to homeowners in the Brush Prairie area. If you’re looking to replace an old and failing AC, we can help you choose the best modern update to your old model. If you’re preparing to install AC in a new or renovated structure, we can help you find the right AC solution for the space you plan to fill. For more information about air conditioner installation and the right choices for your Brush Prairie home, contact us today!

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