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Professional AC Maintenance

AC Maintenance in Vancouver, Brush Prairie, Battle Ground, Ridgefield, Camas, Washougal, Yacolt, Ariel, La Center, Amboy, Kalama, Longview, WARoutine air conditioner maintenance does more than ensure that your unit runs well during the hotter months. It gives you greater energy efficiency, better air quality, and means fewer repairs throughout the life of your system. It also catches potential problems before they turn into full-blown breakdowns. Additionally, a clean AC unit and ducting, and a fully functional HVAC system provide greater comfort than a dirty, struggling one.

All Around Mechanical is an experienced HVAC company delivering top-quality AC maintenance in Brush Prairie and AC installation Vancouver WA Woodland, and Amboy, Washington, and the surrounding areas. After years of serving both residential and commercial installations, our techs have the know-how to keep your air conditioner or heat pump blowing ice-cold air all season long.

Air Conditioner Maintenance: Benefits Beyond Cold Air

Besides keeping you cool and comfortable, regular maintenance of your air conditioning system keeps your equipment covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. However, perhaps you have an older AC unit, and the warranty expired some time ago. If that’s the case, it’s still important to have your HVAC system serviced regularly. This is because your air conditioner’s energy efficiency tends to decline with age.

Catch Problems Early

Regular maintenance ensures that any weak spots, worn components, or damaged areas are caught early and can be corrected before they interfere with the operation of the unit as a whole. As AC maintenance costs but a small fraction of replacing your entire air conditioning service La Center WA system, this preventative service is well worth it.

Prepare Your AC Unit With a Spring Tune-Up

Surprisingly, it isn’t during the hottest part of the summer when you’re running your system constantly that AC units most often fail. It’s when the warm weather first begins, and you start up your air conditioner repair Vancouver WA after not using it all winter. For example, an improperly prepared air conditioner may be one that’s operated with a clogged filter, low coolant, blockages in its ducting, or dirty components. All those factors set your air conditioning system up for failure. Calling a competent HVAC company for a spring inspection and tune-up gets your AC ready to perform like new!

Change Your Air Conditioner’s Filter Regularly

Your AC unit’s filter is one of the most critical components to check during regular maintenance, and it’s something you can keep an eye on yourself. Dirty filters reduce airflow. This restriction makes it harder for the system to operate efficiently because mechanical components must work harder. As a general rule of thumb, the schedule for filter replacement is as follows:

  • If you live alone and don’t have any pets or allergies. You may be able to go six months before needing to change your filter. This also applies to vacation homes or in situations when you’ve been out of town for a while.
  • If you live with several family members and have no pets or allergies, change your AC filter every three months.
  • Your family has a pet, change your filter every two months.
  • If you have multiple pets, or if you or family members suffer from allergies, it’s best to replace your HVAC filter once a month.

The above guidelines apply to standard, one to three-inch filters. Keep in mind that every household is different and that the thicker, more expensive, high-efficiency filters may not need changing as often — some can even go as long as twelve months. Also, some filters are reusable after cleaning. After the initial installation, you’ll have to check your filter each month to get an idea of the appropriate replacement or cleaning schedule for your home.

AC Maintenance: Annual Inspection and Tune-Up

In signing up for an AC maintenance plan with an HVAC company, you know a technician will inspect your system and adjust a few things, but what exactly does that entail? Below is a general checklist. All Around Mechanical will customize a plan for your particular type of air conditioner.

Your technician will inspect your system’s general operation, ensuring that everything starts, stops, and runs correctly. He or she will examine all the electrical connections in both the indoor and outdoor units, lubricate moving parts, check that the condensate drain line is unobstructed, check the fan’s functionality and that the thermostat is working properly. Your tech will also take a look at your system’s blower components, ductwork, clean the coils on both the condenser and evaporator, measure the refrigerant, and bring it to the proper level. Your AC unit’s filter will also be replaced if needed.

Can I Perform Some AC Maintenance Myself?

Yes! If you’re not able to call a professional right away. There are a few maintenance items you can perform in addition to regular filter replacement.

  • First, turn off the power switch near the outside unit.
  • Clear any leaves, sticks, etc. from around the condenser unit. Take a paintbrush (or a vacuum hose) and dislodge any debris from the condenser fins.
  • Carefully straighten any bent or crooked fins with a dull, old knife.
  • For the inside evaporator unit, you can clean the coils with water and a mild detergent.
  • Clean any algae and build-up from the condensate drain line with a wet-dry vacuum.

What Air Conditioner Maintenance Tasks Should I Leave to the Pros?

Any electrical problems, comprehensive annual inspection and maintenance steps, and repair of AC malfunctions (such as short cycling, unusual noises, bad smells, blowing warm air, etc.) should be left to trained professionals. Replacement or disposal of refrigerant is another pros-only gig. Air conditioner coolant is an EPA-regulated substance, and only licensed HVAC techs may handle it.

Your AC Maintenance Experts in Brush Prairie, Washington

The professionals at All Around Mechanical are familiar with all types of air conditioners and heat pumps. We’re skilled in maintaining both residential and commercial systems, and we’ll customize a plan to keep your AC running like a dream all summer long. We offer 10% off for veterans and seniors, and we have a financing program available to help with the more extensive HVAC projects. For high-quality AC maintenance in Brush Prairie and heating replacement Ridgefield WA, Woodland, and Amboy, Washington, and the surrounding areas, give us a call today!

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