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If you’re building a new home in the quiet neighborly town of Brush Prairie, Washington, or renovating one of the beautiful older homes in the area, a reliable air conditioning system is a necessity you won’t want to be without. As pleasant spring temperatures give way to summer’s heat and humidity, your air conditioner provides your family with the comfort you expect inside your home. An air conditioning system that isn’t suited for your home’s size or style or one that’s improperly installed can lead to poor cooling and expensive energy bills.

Whether you live, work, or play in Brush Prairie, Washington, you need a reliable air conditioner you can depend on. All Around Mechanical is a full-service residential and commercial HVAC company dedicated to meeting the needs of all of our customers. If you need a new air conditioning system for your home or business, you can count on our expert technicians for the highest quality products and professional installation.AC Installation in Vancouver, Brush Prairie, Battle Ground, Ridgefield, Camas, Washougal, Yacolt, Ariel, La Center, Amboy, Kalama, Longview, WA

Choosing the Right Air Conditioner for Your Home or Business

AC Installation in Vancouver, Brush Prairie, Battle Ground, Ridgefield, Camas, Washougal, Yacolt, Ariel, La Center, Amboy, Kalama, Longview, WAYour air conditioning system is an investment and installing the right one will pay off for years to come. The right AC for your home or business is not too big or too small, has sufficient output, and provides efficient convenient service throughout the cooling season. Our expert technicians can help you understand all the choices available and which benefits will provide you with the best return for your investment in both comfort and reduced energy bills.

Whether you’re installing an air conditioning system in a newly constructed home or building, replacing your outdated system, or preparing to cool new addition to your home, these features should be taken into consideration.

  • Size: It’s a common misconception that a bigger AC is better, but a system that is too large can cause increased humidity and run inefficiently. A licensed technician can help you measure the space you need to cool and make recommendations for the size that properly fits your home or business.
  • Efficiency: When your air conditioning system runs properly, you won’t see a dramatic increase in your energy bills. Modern systems with a proper SEER rating will cool your home without increasing your energy bills and reduce your impact on the environment.
  • Warranties: A new air conditioner is an investment that you expect to last for many years. A proper warranty will ensure you’re covered in the event of unexpected problems.
  • Features: Modern AC systems come with many features that can help you save money and cool your home or business more efficiently. You may benefit from a system with features like smart thermostats, downloadable apps, fan-only options, and auto delay switch.
  • Type: Choosing whether to install a heat pump, central air conditioning system, or a mini-split ductless system depends on your personal needs, expectations, and budget. Our expert technicians can help you understand the benefits of each type of system.

What to Expect

Choosing an HVAC company to come into your home and make changes can be an intimidating experience. We understand that your property is your safe place and we treat every property we visit with the utmost respect. Transparency is our way of giving our customers peace of mind. Here’s what you can expect from our professional team when we visit your home or business.

We Get to Know You

Our customers are people first. We begin every job with a conversation that allows you to explain your needs and expectations. This is our guideline for services inside your home or business. Whether you know exactly what you need, or you simply know your current system isn’t working correctly we offer a variety of choices to help get things back on track.

Our Professional Technicians Evaluate Your Needs

Whether you need to cool one room, a home addition, an outdoor building, your entire home or business, or are considering replacing an older system, we take the time to conduct a full inspection. As soon as we assess your needs, we share every option available to help you make an informed choice.

Complete Service Your Way

When you’ve chosen what type of air conditioning system best suits your needs, we get to work. Our team works efficiently without cutting corners to provide you with excellent products and the least amount of disruption possible. We complete the job with a full clean-up and removal of any components of your old system, leaving your home or business just like we found it.

100% Satisfaction

Our job isn’t finished until you’re delighted with our service. Before leaving, we provide you with a complete overview of the services we provided, show you how to use any new equipment, and demonstrate how well your new AC works.

Why Choose All Around Mechanical for Your AC Installation?

All Around Mechanical is a full-service HVAC company dedicated to providing our customers with outstanding service and the highest quality HVAC products. We want you to be comfortable inside your home or business throughout the year and we use the best technology available to ensure our customers receive excellent results every time we provide any type of service. Here are a few things that set us apart.

  • Unmatched customer service
  • A variety of high-quality choices for your home or business
  • Financing available to meet your needs and budget
  • A full line of services for your home or business
  • Specialty solutions to meet your unique needs
  • Estimates provided upon request
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Your air conditioner is an important part of your overall comfort indoors. Making the right choice means you get dependable service you can count on. If it’s time to replace your worn-out air conditioner or you’re ready for an AC installation in your new Brush Prairie home, get in touch today. Our friendly staff is standing by to answer your questions, provide an estimate, or schedule your consultation. Don’t leave such an important part of your home to chance. Hire the professionals that can provide you with the best options that will save you money for years to come,

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