Common Causes Your Furnace Doesn’t Work As Expected

You know how important your furnace is in the harsh cold winter season. It alone takes complete responsibility for keeping you warm and safe on chilly days and nights. However, as it is a home appliance, it tends to raise issues over its lifespan.

Furnace problems can range from minor to significant, depending upon the same. You may be able to fix some issues on your own. Whereas, in case of major problems, you would need a professional for furnace repair in Vancouver, WA. However, it is never recommended to try to take control of the situation by doing it yourself, regardless of a gas-based or electricity-run heating system. Let’s now discuss some common causes for your furnace not working as expected.

Thermostat Issues

You might have already checked your thermostat’s settings. However, it would not be a loss if you checked it again. Most probably, it will be turned on, which is keeping the furnace on even if it is not providing the required heat.

Try to reset the thermostat or perhaps put it on auto mode. Doing that will help you understand if the problem is with the thermostat or the furnace. If it works by putting it on auto mode, it would be excellent. Otherwise, there might be a problem with the furnace unit.

Dirty Air Filter

Your home gets warm air from the furnace. The air passes through the air filter before it gets through the heating registers. In case the air filter in your furnace is dirty, it would not only reduce the air quality but also put a strain on the system, making it work harder than usual.

You can resolve this issue by cleaning the dirty filter or replacing it with the new one (if your furnace supports temporary filters). First things first, check the filter – if it has become yellow or grey, it is dirty. You can also keep a stock of filters ready to be replaced to save some time and effort. However, if your furnace is giving issues and the filter is not dirty, you may need professional furnace service in La Center, WA.

Incorrect Air Filter Installation

If you are not getting a sufficient amount of warm airflow in your home, the reason can be dirty filters; if you find the filter is clean, it might have been installed incorrectly. As a result, it will act like a dirty one, restricting the airflow and putting a load on the furnace.

Simply open the blower compartment and figure out the flow direction, most probably mentioned on the furnace. Second, look for the arrows on the filter’s frame – they must be pointing toward the airflow direction. If it is the other way around, remove it and place it correctly. If it seems confusing to you, avoid doing it in the first place and call a professional technician who offers services like furnace repair in Ridgefield, WA.

Distance Between the Furnace and Registers is Too Long

If your furnace is working but not providing the heat you require, it might happen due to a long distance between the registers and the furnace. You might have never realized this, but the heat when it is generated is too hot, and as it flows further toward your rooms, it drops the temperature by a bit.

You can replace your current vent covers with the latest smart covers that run on batteries and can be connected to your Wi-Fi (costing you around 100 US dollars). They can automatically open and close as per the temperature needs of your home.

Warm Air Leaks Through Faulty Ductwork

The core job of ducts is to act as a leak-proof medium for warm air to travel from the furnace to the heating registers. However, as the ductwork is made by seaming multiple pieces of ducts together, they tend to develop gaps within the joints. As a result, the warm air sometimes leaks through them.

In such cases, you might have tried to fix this issue using a duct or foil tape, but they also lose their grip over time. If you find the issues unfixable on your own, it is time to call professionals specializing in services such as heating repair in Ridgefield. They can fix the ducts as well as check your furnace for issues.

No Gas or Pilot Light Goes Off

There are fewer chances of the gas line turning off unless someone turns it off for a reason and forgets to turn it back on. Another thing that might be a problem is the pilot light getting off. In both cases, however, your furnace will not function as expected or might not even work at all.

You can use a kitchen gas lighter to relight the pilot light. Also, check the gas line to make sure it is turned.

Regardless of the issue you might be facing. You should avoid fixing them on your own as it is a mechanical system that runs on gas or electricity. Instead, call professionals for help. At All Around Mechanical, we are experts at heating repair in Vancouver, WA, and can resolve any problem you might face with your heating system (any brand, any model!).

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