5 Common Furnace Problems Woodland Homeowners Face During Winter

If you plan for a furnace replacement in Woodland, WA, you expect the new device to keep the temperature indoors at a cozy and comfortable level. Plus, installing a new furnace is an investment for the next 10 to 15 years.

While your furnace is designed to have a valuable and long life, there is always a chance that something will go wrong with your system. Our professional HVAC technicians can do some troubleshooting to fix all your furnace problems.

Before buying the device, understanding the most common furnace problems can help you know when to call for professional HVAC services in Woodland, WA.

5 Common Furnace Problems Woodland Homeowners Face During Winter

5 Most Common Furnace Problems You May Face in Woodland During Winter


  • Your Furnace Is Not Generating Heat:

Your furnace is designed to dispense heated air throughout your home so that you and your family can stay in a comfortable environment when it is cold outside. But if your furnace is not producing heat, it is an alarm; there might be some issues with the system.

The issue is not that big in multiple cases, but you must call a professional to inspect your system and fix it.

  • Your Furnace Is Turning “On” And “Off”:

You will not likely face this problem soon after a furnace replacement in Woodland, WA, and furnace service La Center WA. Short cycling occurs when your furnace air filters accumulate dirt, restrict the airflow, and overheat the system.

For a new furnace, you don’t need to change the air filters with immediate action. But you must check your air filters frequently and change them every 60 days.

  • Your Furnace Is Not Turning On:

Your furnace starts working once it gets the signal from the thermostat. But if you notice that your system is not turning on, there might be something wrong.

Though this is quite an impractical phenomenon, if you recently had a furnace replacement in Woodland, WA, and furnace repair Vancouver WA, if your furnace is more than ten years old, this may happen. This problem is a sign that there is more considerable concern with your heating device.

  • You Have A Noisy Furnace:

Every furnace makes some noise while operating. You might hear a clicking sound when the thermostat reaches a specific temperature, and you may hear a whizzing sound when the air travels through the ductwork.

But if your furnace makes unusual noises such as banging, rattling, or squealing, that could indicate something is wrong with your furnace. Loose connections and fuel sediment in the combustion chamber are many reasons behind a noisy furnace.

  • Your Furnace Is Leaking Water:

If you can notice water leakage from your furnace, you need to call a professional for HVAC services in Woodland, WA, at the earliest. If you want a new furnace, remember to buy a high-efficiency furnace repair Ridgefield WA with an AFUE rating of over 90%.

High-efficiency furnaces have PVC exhaust pipes instead of metal pipes, and they don’t cause leakages. But if your existing furnace is developing a leak, you need to call a technician to investigate the equipment.

If your furnace is facing any of the above problems, call us at (360) 284-1424 and schedule an appointment. Our HVAC technicians are available to serve you 24 /7.

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