What Does That AC Mean?

It is a fact that an air conditioner is prone to making strange sounds. The AC has come a long way because innovative technology and noisy air conditioner repair Vancouver WA are obsolete. Gone are the days when you had to tolerate noisy air conditioners to cool off the summer heat. So what do those noises coming from your AC mean?

What Does That AC Mean?


If your AC is making, troubleshoot and call an AC service Woodland WA. A professional technician can help solve your problem, but identifying the issue can save time. Identifying the noises of your air conditioner can also help you understand the gravity of the situation.

If your AC makes these 11 sounds, you have a problem –

  • Scraping

Scraping could result from the friction of two parts rubbing against one another. It is a sign that there might be a loose part inside your air conditioning service La Center WA.

  • Clanking

Clanking in an AC generally means a part is out of balance. It is also a sign of failure, or the compressor might have an issue.

  • Buzzing

A buzzing AC can have any number of problems. It might result from loose parts inside your AC, debris or dust buildup, dirty air filters, or worse. It is better to leave the matter to a professional AC repair Woodland WA.

  • Clicking

Usually, the air conditioner should click once before it starts. However, if you hear clicking noises while your air conditioner is working, it needs help. The clicking noise could result from a failing thermostat or defective controls on your AC.

  • Squealing

Squealing noises result from blowers or fans in the AC. Some air conditioners, however, emit this sound during startup. It is better to differentiate between these two in the beginning so that you can troubleshoot the AC.

  • Humming

Humming can mean that something is off with your air conditioner. It could also include the refrigerant pipe, which will worsen if left unattended.

  • Whirring

Your AC is not meant to sound like a helicopter. Unfortunately, this means something is wrong with the internal parts of your AC.

  • Rattling

Rattling is a sign of aging or trouble with your air conditioner. It could mean clogged systems, especially with an outdoor AC.

  • Pulsating

Loud pulsating noise cannot bode well for your AC. It usually means there is a loose part inside the AC.

  • Screaming

Screaming could mean a refrigerant leak in your AC, in which case, keep your children away from the unit.

  • Banging

Banging means that your AC has a problem with its internal parts. It could include anything, from loose parts to broken components such as a piston pin, crankshaft, or a connecting rod.

If your AC continues making the above noises, it is time to consult an air conditioner service in Woodland, WA and

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