3 Common Summer AC Problem Units Have 

AC Problem: Summer is finally here, and you are fully ready to feel the cool air of your air conditioner on your face. The devices forgotten over the winter are not back in business and provide relief to all those suffering from the scorching heat. 

As of 2019, 90% of the houses in the USA use some form of air conditioning service La Center WA. Unfortunately, this usage only increases when summer comes around. And with the increased usage comes problems.

3 Common Summer AC Problem Units Have 

You might face some problems as soon as you start up your air conditioner. Some issues occur after it has run for a while, and some after a couple of months of use. They usually happen because the device has started up after a long period of not using it. Therefore, before starting up your device for the summers, you should get it checked by an air conditioner service in Woodland, WA, and heat pump installation Woodland WA.


Common AC Problems in the Summer


  • Water Leaks 

Leakage from your AC can happen indoors or outdoors. 

If it is indoors, it could be that your AC is overdue for a maintenance check-up. It could also be that there is fungi or algae buildup in the condensate pipe of your air conditioner. This buildup is not letting the water in your AC leave, causing the leak. Another reason for indoor water leaks could be that your air conditioner’s condensate pump is broken and needs replacing. 

Outdoor leaks, on the other hand, can have several causes. For example, it could be because of a faulty air filter, condensate pan, or even improper installation. 

No matter what leaks you might face, you can always rely on a company that does AC tune-up Woodland WA

  • Strange Noises 

Another common problem many AC owners face is strange noises from their air conditioner. If your device is making noises you have never heard before, it could be warning you of a fault in the system.

It sounds like thumping, clanking, or things banging coming from your air-conditioner point towards a problem that you do not want to get worse. Contact a technician from an air conditioner service in Woodland, WA, and heating services Ridgefield, WA, soon to get your conditioner repaired and ready to use.

  • Dirty Filter 

Your AC filter plays a more important role than you realize. It keeps the airflow coming into your house clean and free from all foreign substances that might harm your and your family’s health. 

A dirty filter is a common problem to have because this filter captures all the foreign substances. However, a layer of dirt and debris forms on the filter after a while. This layer makes it unable to capture any more debris. 

So book an appointment for your AC filter every six months. For these issues or an AC tune-up in Woodland, WA, you can rely on us, All Around Mechanical AC Services. You can email us at [email protected] or drop us a call at (360)-284-1424.

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