12 Reasons Your Air Conditioner is Producing Warm Air

If you live in La Center, Washington, or Vancouver, Washington, it’s summertime. If your AC is pumping hot air, you may require an AC repair in La Center, WA, to help you with any AC problems.

Here are 12 Reasons Why Your AC May be Blowing Heated Air

Air conditioning service in La Center, WAcan help you with these problems.

Thermostat Calibration Error

When the blower fan is turned on, it continuously pumps air, even when the system is not cooling. As a result, between cooling cycles, it blows warm air. Examine the controller to see if it is set too high. 

Blocked Vents

A further cause of hot air from your air conditioner is that the top output vents have been closed. Vents can also become clogged by materials such as furniture, dirt, and garbage because hot air rises and cold air sinks.

Leaking of Coolant

If you have a coolant leak, your unit’s cooling agent will progressively exhaust. Low quantities of coolant fluid might also cause your AC to emit hot air. 

Evaporator Coils are Dirty

When there is moisture on the coils, dust particles attach to them and cause them to get unclean. Because the evaporator coil cools via absorption, it loses its cooling effectiveness if it becomes dusty.

Evaporator Coils are Frozen

Condensate drains are used in air conditioners to remove moisture from the system. When there is too much water on the evaporator coil, it might freeze. A frozen evaporator coil limits heat transfer, resulting in your home’s AC blowing heated air.

Air filters are Dirty

Dirty air filters cause airflow generate throughout the system and might cause the fan motor to overheat. They also boost energy consumption by forcing your AC unit to operate at an elevated energy setting. So, check for dirty air filters if your AC is blowing warm air.

Condenser Coils are Dirty

Because the condenser coils are found outdoors, they collect a lot of dust and dirt and become blocked with leaves and tiny branches. If your condenser coils are unclean, your AC may blow hot air because it cannot sufficiently vacate heat outdoors.

Fan Issues

The fan in your outdoor unit is in charge of moving inside heat outside. Good heat transmission is not possible if this fan is damaged. A lack of appropriate heat transfer might result in your AC blowing heated air.

Inadequate Power to the Outside Unit

If the power to your outdoor unit is cut, your interior unit will blast warm air since the outside unit can’t release heat outside. As a result, if your house AC produces warm air, you should check to see if the outside unit is receiving electricity.

Drainage Blockage

The AC condensate drain drains water that has accumulated throughout the cooling operation. The drainpipe can get blocked with dirt and mold over time. When this happens, water might overflow and cause harm to your AC.

Ducts are Leaking

You should inspect your ducts if your AC blows warm air. Rodents or improper installation may have created a leak in your ductwork. Cold air will not reach you & may go lost if there are gaps in the ducting.

Compressor Failure

The compressor is the AC unit’s heart. Your AC equipment will not cool effectively if the compressor is not operating correctly. Compressor failure symptoms include poor or heated airflow, loud banging noises, and so forth.


AC repair in Vancouver, WAis there to help if the problem persists. You may require to contact an AC repair service to assist you in determining the source of the problem. Call All Around Mechanical for ductless AC service in Vancouver, WA.