Why Does Your AC Smell So Bad?

The summer season in Woodland, Washington, can get pretty harsh, so it only makes sense that we rely heavily on our AC units. What happens when you are welcomed with an unpleasant odor by your air conditioner?

Schedule professional HVAC services in Woodland, WA, at the first sign of discomfort to prevent further damage. Different malfunctions in your air conditioners produce different smells. An expert can easily figure out the underlying malfunction by identifying the type of smell emitted.

Regular system maintenance by professional HVAC contractors in Ridgefield, WAwill help you prevent sudden breakdowns and discomfort. Read common causes and expert solutions for common unpleasant odors from your air conditioner.

Five Common Smell Complaints Coming from Air Conditioners:

An Unpleasant Dirty Sock or Stinky Feet-Like Odor Comes from Your Air Conditioner

Generally, dirty socks or stinky feet-like odor is associated with a clogged AC drain pipe. A drain pipe in your air conditioner effectively removes the moisture generated during the cooling process. Over time, dirt and dust can clog the drain pipes, effectively removing the moisture.

Pooling of water near the evaporator coil and other parts can affect the normal functioning of the air conditioner. Always switch off your air conditioner before inspecting any water-related HVAC system damage. Regularly clean your drain pipes using bleach water to prevent any clogging issues.

The Rotten Egg-Like Smell Comes From Your Air Conditioner

If your conditioner smells like rotten eggs, the odor is because of a dead animal. Many birds and rodents can find entry inside your air conditioner, where they often get stuck and start decomposing.

Schedule a professional  HVAC service in Woodland, WAto get relief from the horrible smell coming from your air conditioner. You can prevent any mishappenings of this kind by carefully enclosing the outer unit in a steel net cage. 

Your AC Starts Smelling Like a Gas Leak

This type of smell is usually associated with a refrigerant leak. However, fluid leaks from other parts of your air conditioner and excessive lubrication can also smell like exhaust gas fumes.

Gas fumes are harmful to your respiratory system and overall health. Contact HVAC contractors in La Center, WA, at the first sign of discomfort. 

Gun Powder Odor Coming from Your Air Conditioner

Gunpowder-like odor is generally related to malfunctioning your motor fan or short-circuiting in the main circuit board. Switching off your air conditioner is essential, and not overuse the system.

Schedule professional services as soon as possible to prevent further damage and malfunction to your air conditioner. They will carefully inspect any open circuits or faulty wiring inside your air conditioner that may generate electrical fire.

Mildew Odor

It is one of the considerable common complaints of an HVAC homeowner. Your air conditioners are designed to reduce the moisture in the air.

Any obstruction can cause a pooling of water inside your system. A mildew odor is generally associated with dirty air filters and clogged drain pipes that promote the growth of bacteria, fungi, and other microbes inside your air conditioner.


It is essential to schedule professional services and appointments at the earliest to prevent the growth of molds and any malfunctioning of your air conditioner. If your air conditioner shows any discomfort, do not wait for the problem to resolve on its own.

Schedule professional ductless HVAC service in Ridgefield, WA, and repair all issues at the earliest to avoid costly repairs on replacement bills. For more information, visit our official website, All Around Mechanical