When Is It Time To Replace Your Furnace Air Filter?

Your home’s HVAC air filter is essential to clean the air that circulates through it, ensuring that allergies, dust, and other particles are retained and unable to spread through the air. If it’s not kept clean, it can harm your home’s heating and cooling system, health, and comfort. Thus, your furnace’s filters are essential components that should be checked and replaced frequently.

How do you tell when to repair or replace them? Keep an eye out for these warning signals to know when to change your furnace filters.

Warning Signals That You Need To Change Your Air Filter

• Your Bills Are Rising

Filters that are unclean and blocked may be the cause of your rising energy bills. Rising costs undoubtedly indicate that your filters need to be replaced immediately. Regularly checking, cleaning, and replacing your filter as needed are easy ways to solve this issue.

• Your Home Requires More Energy To Heat Or Cool

Your home may not be warming up as quickly as it once did, or the air from the vents may be warm rather than cool. A dirty filter restricts air that can pass through the HVAC system. Therefore, heating or cooling rooms may require more time. If this is the case, contact All Around Mechanical for furnace repair in Vancouver, WA to help you with your HVAC issue.

• Your House Has More Dust Than Before

If regular cleaning doesn’t remove the dust and grime in your home, it’s probably because the dust merely moves through your filters. This is because you failed to address the cause of the issue. Thus it continues returning. By replacing the air filters, you can guarantee a cleaner home and healthier indoor air. Call All Around Mechanical for heating repair Ridgefield and the surrounding areas, to help you with the replacement. 

• The Filter Appears Clogged Or Unclean

Your filter usually shows obvious signs that it needs to be replaced. Replace the filter as quickly as possible if it appears to be blocked, covered with dust, ripped, or in any other way damaged. In addition to lowering energy efficiency and poor indoor air quality, a clogged filter can limit airflow. This could prevent the AC from maintaining the ideal temperature. Additionally, it can be stressed to the point that parts wear out and malfunction more quickly.

• The System Is Hot

The unit itself may heat up as the system tries harder to make up for a blocked filter. Warm air may even blow out of the back of the system, or the outside of it may be hot to the touch. The basic message is that if the system seems warm, look for a dirty filter and call us for heating repair in La Center, WA or replace it as soon as possible to avoid further damage. 


These are some obvious signals that it’s time to change your filter, regardless of whether you have a fresh air system, central heating and cooling equipment, or an AC window unit. You can rapidly replace your filters by pulling them out of their housing and installing new ones.

If you require assistance with changing your HVAC filter, get in touch with All Around Mechanical, which specializes in delivering superior HVAC home comfort solutions to residential, commercial, and new construction buildings. Call us to learn more!