How Does an AC Unit Operate?

Almost every home in Arizona has an air conditioner, irrespective of its type and model. An air conditioner becomes necessary to tackle the strong heat of the Arizona summer season, but owning an air conditioner does not mean you do not need to know its specifications.

Knowing the important parts of an air conditioner and how they work together to cool your home can help reduce the number of times you have to contact your technician for air conditioning service La Center WA.

The Main Components Involved In The Working Process

Air conditioner owners think that only the outdoor and indoor units are the two parts that help in efficiently cooling their homes. An air conditioner has three parts that work together for a comfortable experience during the summer season:

  • The Outdoor Unit

As you know, the part of your air conditioner placed outside your home is the outdoor unit or the condenser. It has numerous parts, like the condenser coils, the refrigerant, the compressor, and the motor fans.

  • The Indoor Unit

The indoor unit is the part of your air conditioner placed inside your home responsible for circulating cool air throughout your home and maintaining proper indoor air quality levels and humidity balance. It has parts like the blower motor, evaporator coils, circuit board, and air filters.

  • The Living Area

The living area is your air conditioner’s third and most underrated part, responsible for controlling the cool air movement and distribution. It has parts like the thermostat, the supply vents, and the return air vents that regulate the overall movement of the cool air.

If any of the parts or components of your air conditioner malfunction for any reason, you should not delay contacting a technician to repair the issues timely. Contact a technician for AC installation La Center WA.

The Working Of Your Air Conditioner

Now that you know about most of the important parts of an air conditioner, you can begin understanding how your air conditioner works to generate cool air and its circulation:

  • The first step is detecting a rise in the indoor temperature with your thermostat. Your thermostat signals your air conditioner to start working to reduce the temperature.
  • The blower motor, the compressor, and the motor fans turn on after receiving this signal.
  • The compressor sends refrigerant to the condenser and evaporator coils to remove heat from your home.
  • Hot air leaves your home through the return air vents, and cool air takes place through the ducts and supply vents.
  • This process continues until the thermostat detects the ideal temperature for your indoor air.
  • In the meantime, the air conditioner controls the humidity levels and removes pollutants from the indoor air.


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