How Do You Stop Your AC From Blowing Up The Fuse?

An air conditioning system is designed to provide comfort and relief from unbearable summer temperatures. So, the electrical appliance is responsible for protecting us from heat, but these heavy systems can affect the house’s electric system.

If the AC system blows off the fuse, some fault develops inside the system if you switch it on. It can develop into something massive, and it can damage the system. The damages can be severe, and you might need an AC replacement Vancouver WA.

HVAC contractor La Center WA, always recommends customers schedule maintenance service at least once a year to eliminate all these problems.

Why Does The Air Conditioner Fuse Get Blown Off?

The reasons that can cause the fuse to blow off every time you switch it on:

  • Clogged Air Filter

The air filter cleans the incoming air and keeps all the dust particles, pollens, germs, and pathogens from entering the premises. These particles then accumulate on the filter, and the air’s space to pass through the filter reduces. However, when the AC works harder to get the air in, it takes more electrical power than its capacity. As a result, the electrical fuse blows up to stop the extra electrical energy load from entering the system.

  • Faults In Electrical Wiring

Metals change their structure and expand or contract according to the temperature. The wires in the breaker box also go through the changes, and the expansion and contraction can make the connections loosen a little bit.

  • Low Refrigerant Levels

If the refrigerant levels are less than the mark, the AC components work harder to take the heat from the air. Due to the increased workload, the electrical usage increases, and to protect the other components from the upsurge in electrical power, the electrical fuse in the glass breaker blows up.

  • Defects In The Capacitor

A capacitor is a small but essential component in every electrical circuit. It looks like cylindrical metal tubes, and they help regulate the electrical flow. Unfortunately, malfunctioning the capacitor can also lead to the untimely blowing up of the fuse.

  • Issues In The Condenser Fan

Condenser fans blow the air to the condenser to complete the cooling process. If the condenser fan works accurately, it will lead to efficiency problems.

What are electric fuses, and why are they required in the AC system?

An electric fuse is a small electrical circuit that prevents the entire AC system from sudden electricity load. Every component can handle the electric load. However, it will burn and affect the system if it receives more electricity than its capacity.

That’s why the electricity load has to first pass through the fuse. So fuse sacrifices itself if there is an increased electrical load.

Can We Fix The Issue?

  • Replace the air filter and keep changing it once every three months.
  • Clear the outdoor unit’s surroundings
  • Check the fuse’s condition in the disconnection box. Call the air conditioner repair Vancouver WA, if it looks concerning.
  • Remember to schedule maintenance services annually.

If you face this problem with your AC system, call the All Around Mechanical technician in Vancouver, Ridgefield, La Center, and Woodland, WA, at (360)-284-1424 for a quick check.

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