7 Preventive Maintenance Tips to Keep Your AC Healthy

Have you ever experienced an air conditioner break down during summer? Well, if you have, you would know how important a routine tune-up of your air conditioning unit is – to avoid any unpleasant situation like this. In case you haven’t, then trust us, you wouldn’t want to experience anything like it, ever.

And therefore, it is essential to take care of your air conditioner repair Vancouver WA unit and schedule its periodic maintenance. Having said that, in this post, we discuss some of the key tips you must follow to keep your air conditioning unit up and running.

7 Preventive Maintenance Tips to Keep Your AC Healthy

  • Clean Dirty Air Filters

Nobody wants to pay their hard-earned money for high (and unnecessary) energy bills or eventual breakdowns of their air conditioning service La Center WA systems. That being the case, AC maintenance is all the more significant.

With clogged and dirty air filters, the natural airflow gets reduced, degrading the overall cooling capacity. Therefore, the air filters ought to be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis.

  • Remove Dust from the System

Grass clippings, dirt, and other discarded matter seem to assemble outside the AC, reducing airflow and making the system inefficient. To maintain impeding airflow to and from the system, use a wet/dry vacuum and tidy up the interior. Also, trim the growing plants and shrubs from around.

  • Clean and Maintain Evaporator Coils

Over time, specks of dirt get stuck in the evaporator and condenser coils. Aforesaid, this reduces the air conditioner’s natural flow and its heat-absorbing capacity (by insulating the coils). Soiled environment and leafage around can make the outdoor condenser coils grimy. This also affects the heat-absorbing capacity and prevents cooling.

A well-cleansed air filter prevents the deposition of dust on the cooling coils. Therefore, annual tune-ups and evaporator coil cleaning are highly effective and necessary.

  • Prevent Condenser Coil from Insulation

The condenser and the exhaust fan unit are located outside the house in all types of ACs. Dusty surroundings insulate the condenser coil – the debris and discarded matter result in poor dissipation of heat.

Such a discharge of heat may result in unwanted heating of the condenser inside the compressor. For the efficient use of the condenser, annual cleaning is required.

  • Prevent Blockage in the Drain Tube

You might have seen in air conditioners and AC installation Ridgefield WA that they discharge the extra waste. The pipe sometimes gets blocked by slime and other unwanted substances. If the drain tube at the rear end is not cleaned on time, it might drain the extra water inside the AC (unable to locate a space outside).

  • Clean Coil Fins

Aluminum fins are easily visible from the outside on the condenser and evaporator coil. Dust and debris get deposited over the fins and block them. Therefore, clean the coil fins regularly.

  • Fix Those AC Fins

Straighten the fins to improve airflow through the coil. Schedule a technician visit or maybe get a tool referred to as “fin comb” – to straighten the fins. Do make sure you wear gloves and not cut yourself!

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