6 Things to Expect During HVAC Installation

Air conditioning systems usually have a life expectancy of 10 to 15 years; you’re lucky if yours works well beyond this time frame. But spending a lot of money on its repairs every few months indicates the need for replacement.

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For now, let’s get further to learn some common things that can happen during an HVAC installation.

Common Things You Can Expect During HVAC Installation

Not Getting the Desired Visit Slot

AC installation starts with a pre-inspection visit by an HVAC expert who will check everything to prepare for the job. HVAC companies might be getting a lot of inspection visit requests, and you might not get a technician at the exact time you need one. Many HVAC contractors in La Center, WA, offer on-demand services; however, site inspection specialists’ turnaround time may increase during the peak season.

Expect a Team Visit

You may expect a team of electricians and technicians to arrive at your place for the inspection. It is better to determine all your needs in advance, and the team can identify the most important areas that need to be worked on first. 

Ductwork Changes

It is quite possible you already have ducts installed in your place. But depending upon the new system’s space and airflow requirements, you may expect some ductwork changes. So, before you go ahead with the new AC installation in Ridgefield, WA, discuss all minor to major changes that would be necessary for the best results.


On the day of installation, expect noise around your home. Technicians will remove your old HVAC equipment and install the new one. For that, technicians use multiple tools and equipment that produce loud sounds. If you work from home, it would be better to choose your week offs for AC installation in Vancouver, WA.

Longer Installation Time

The installation time rarely extends. Still, you may expect a slight delay in completing the process due to unavoidable reasons. It is usually a one-day job but may take up to two days in some cases. For example, installing new equipment in a new place might need some structuring or renovation.

Lots of Dust

HVAC replacement by itself is a significant change in your house or office. Expect your home to have dust or dirt during HVAC installation. The best you can do is cover all your essential household items. However, the HVAC company you hire may clear all the junk and clean the place after installation.

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