6 Signs You Require to Repair Your Air Conditioner

When it comes to beating the summer heat, your air conditioner plays a vital role. But it can be concerning when it fails to function correctly. What is the problem? How can you fix it?


You need not worry further because we will discuss six common signs that show you need to repair your air conditioner. Well, that doesn’t mean you should pick up your tools and start opening them; instead, call a reliable HVAC contractor in LA Center, WA, for professional repair work.

AC Has No Effect on Your Room Temperature

If your room is not getting cold, even if your AC is at its peak, the compressor can have a problem. It is best if it is still under warranty; otherwise, you can hire a local but trusted AC professional to get it repaired.

Less or No Airflow

Clogged or filthy air filters can restrict airflow. If you clean your filters and the airflow resumes to normal, it is excellent; otherwise, it suggests that there might be a leak in your ducts, which can only be fixed with a repair. Unfortunately, you might not be able to resolve these issues effectively; hence, hiring a professional for this job is recommended.

Water Leaking Out of AC

If your AC is leaking water, it is a condensation problem, which initiates when there’s a refrigerant leak. Leaking refrigerant is a severe issue, and AC leaking water is a sign of it. Never ignore this problem and get it fixed asap to avoid more damage to the unit. Call a reliable service provider for AC repair in Vancouver, WA.

Your AC is Making Strange Sounds

A low-volume humming sound is typical, but if you hear squealing, rattling, or banging sounds from your AC unit, it is an alarming indication that it needs to be repaired. Likewise, loud noises are not typical, and in such cases, you should instantly turn off your AC and call an expert for inspection and repair.

Your Power Bills Have Increased Recently

If you have started paying more for your energy bills, it is a sign that your AC is not functioning well and is consuming more power than usual. It also indicates that it might need tune-up or repair to recover its efficiency.

Your Air Conditioning Unit is Older Than Ten Years

As your AC unit ages, it tends to experience normal wear and tear, which might damage its components. Therefore, it may need repair if your AC is older than 10 or 12 years and does not work effectively.

If you are surface any of these or similar issues, know that these can indicate that your AC needs repair work. At All Around Mechanical, our knowledgeable and certified AC technicians can help you fix any issues you might face regarding your air conditioning unit.


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