20 Air Conditioner Maintenance and Home Cooling Tips

Since air conditioners are a significant investment for homeowners, it makes sense to take good care of these appliances and provide routine maintenance. Not only does this ensure increased efficiency and longevity of the AC, but it also helps improve the cooling inside your home.

Turn Off the AC When Not in Use

It makes a slight difference but a significant one. After turning it off using the thermostat or remote-control device, switch the circuit breaker off if you are’nt going to use it for a few hours. This is a good practice to avoid electrical problems.

Check Electricals

You want to ensure all the wires and connectors are in their best condition – not torn, cut, or burnt. If there’s a power box, it should be well-closed with screws or push tabs.

Check the Thermostat

It is good to check your AC thermostat or remote every month as it is linked to the unit’s functionality. For example, if your thermostat’s batteries go down when the AC is on, the team might not work at its best. Hence, from time to time, check the batteries and see if all features are working.

Clean Its Filter Regularly

Cleaning or changing air filters is integral to any air conditioning maintenance checklist. It is generally advised to clean the air filter of your AC unit once a month or replace one every two months. This frequency might change according to your usage pattern and region’s weather conditions.

Check the User Manual

All air conditioner manufacturers provide a small book containing detailed information about the unit, commonly called a user’s manual or manufacturer’s instructions. You may read through it for helpful information regarding maintaining your AC and indoor cooling.

Clean AC Vents

If you have not noticed yet, you should often pay attention to your AC vents getting dirty over time and regularly clean. Keeping the vents clean not only improves the indoor air quality but also helps maintain the airflow, this is good for the smooth functioning of your AC.

Detect Ductwork Problems

Check your ductwork every few months and detect problems like leakage, loose joints, etc. It is also essential to keep your ducts clean, which can be done using a vacuum cleaner. Clean and clear ducts are a great way to help maintain your AC unit and cooling at home. If you have a ductless AC, you may hire a professional ductless AC service in Vancouver for excellent maintenance.

Check How It Sounds

You may not spend close attention to the sounds your AC makes. But, carefully notice the sounds your AC produces once in a while. You should call an AC expert for professional inspection and maintenance if it sounds unusual.

Get Some Plants

Having some plants in your home helps your AC get relieved of heavy load during tough summer days. In addition, it is an indirect way to maintain your air conditioner and indoor cooling.

Clean the Outdoor Unit

Remove everything placed on your outdoor unit and all that has grown around it, for instance, grass or weed. Next, wash away all the dust, dirt, and debris on and inside the unit.

Give It a Shade If You Can

The outdoor unit remains outside under the sun’s heat throughout the day. To help prevent it from overheating, use a shed to keep the sun away.

Air Seal Your Rooms

You may use door and window sealant strips to ensure there’s no room for air to leak out of your rooms. It plays a crucial role in AC maintenance.

Make Sure Both Units Are Level

The indoor and outdoor AC units should always stand firm and straight wherever installed. In addition, make sure these units are not tilted. Unleveled air conditioners can malfunction, requiring AC repair in Vancouver, WA.

Avoid Very Low Temperature

You can set your AC at anywhere between 71 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit to have a sufficient, most suitable level of cooling in your room instead of feeling cold and uncomfortable at 65 degrees.

Avoid Maintenance Delays

As usually recommended by most AC professionals, homeowners should get AC maintenance services once or twice a year. Timely maintenance helps reduce expenses on AC repair in La Center, WA.

Reduce Sunlight

Sunlight coming through the windows slowly but indeed heats your room. Covering your windows will reduce its effect, helping your AC work more efficiently.

Keep Other Appliances Away

A dryer or a good-sized lamp produces some heat, which can affect your thermostat’s functioning. Avoid using them in the AC room or keep them away from the thermostat.

Use the Latest Lights

You can increase your indoor cooling and AC efficiency by using LED lights, especially white ones, as they produce less heat than traditional incandescent lights.

Have A Maintenance Plan

If you are busy, it is customary to lose track of your air conditioner’s maintenance. Register with All Around Mechanical to have a year-round maintenance plan for your air conditioner.

Hire Certified Professionals Only

Always choose trained professionals if you are looking for installation quotes or AC repair in Vancouver, WA.


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