15 Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair or Replacement

Your air conditioner means a lot to you, especially on hot summer days when you want to protect yourself from the outside heat and remain in your home at a relaxed and comfortable temperature. But when it starts giving you problems, you know it’s time to get it repaired if possible. Otherwise, it may need to be replaced. This article will discuss the fifteen most common signs that your air conditioner needs repair or replacement. Let’s get started.

AC is Not Turning On

Imagine your AC stops functioning on a hot day, leaving you sweating and wondering what the problem could be. An AC that is not turning on can hide any number of issues. For instance, there might be a problem with the electrical wiring or parts could be damaged and functioning ineffectively. It is a sign it might need repair.

AC is Not Cooling

Your AC might not be able to cool your room because a crucial component might be damaged or malfunctioning, causing an interruption in completing the cooling process. For inspection and appropriate repair solutions, you may hire a professional service provider for AC repair in Ridgefield, WA.

Low Airflow

When your air conditioner unit fails to maintain a steady airflow, it means there can be a problem with its fans or something is blocking the air from flowing through the system efficiently. Often, this issue can be resolved by cleaning its air filter, ducts, and vents. However, if you experience low airflow even after that, it is a sign that it needs repair.

Some Rooms Are Not Cool Enough

If you have an HVAC system at your place and find that some of your rooms are not sufficiently cool, it is failing to function correctly. It might be happening due to duct leakage or some other problem with the AC itself. Call a professional for a thorough inspection and, if required, get it repaired.

High Humidity in Your Home

High humidity in your home is a big sign of a problem that might or might not be addressed with a repair. It could have been avoided with proper AC installation in Ridgefield, WA, in the first place because this can be a size problem other than a broken AC. It is best to replace it if the repair does not solve the problem. 

Strange Smells in Your Room

If your room is giving a foul odor, then the reason might be your AC unit. But, on the different hand, it could be a sign that it might have accumulated mold or algae somewhere in the system, which can affect other parts too. So, it would be best if you got it fixed before the problem grows and needs a more extensive and more expensive repair.

AC Makes Strange Sounds

If your AC is making strange noises, typically rattling, buzzing, banging, or similar sounds, there might be a part that is broken or malfunctioning. For instance, either the blower fan is touching the frame or one of the fan blades is broken. These issues can be fixed with a repair.

AC Gets Problematic Frequently

Is your AC failing to function well? Are you paying high costs for its repair? If yes, it might be a sign you should replace it. You could save hefty repair costs in the future by replacing it with a new one. Get in touch with us for AC installation in Vancouver, WA.

You Can't Afford Expensive Repairs

Sometimes, the damage or problem with the AC is too much that it needs costly repair work. For instance, if you are paying 1500 to 2000 dollars for a repair, it is better to replace it with a new one.

Your Home Stays Dusty

If your air conditioner fails to block dust from coming into your home, it is a sign that it might need repair.

Mismatched Size

An air conditioner too small for your sizable home or too large for your tiny house will mostly give you issues. Hire an HVAC contractor in La Center, WA, to find out if this problem can be fixed; otherwise, replacement is the best way to go.

You Are Moving

Are you planning to move into a new home? Do you want to have the same old, problematic AC there too? If your AC is functioning poorly and you are moving to a new place, consider having a new, suitable AC for yourself.

Outside Unit Fails to Function

There can be various reasons your outdoor AC unit fails to function; the most common reasons are heavily dirty fins or condenser coils. It can be fixed with cleaning; if not, it is a sign it needs repair work.

Increased Energy Bills

One of the most significant signs your AC needs repair or replacement is high power bills. In addition, your air conditioner might have lost its efficiency over the years and needs to be repaired for improved efficiency. Replacing your AC is highly recommended if this does not rectify the issue.

AC Completed Its Lifespan

Air conditioning units come with 10-15 (sometimes 20) years of life expectancy. If your AC has surpassed its lifespan, it might give you problems in the future. Therefore, replacing it with a fresh one is best instead of repeated repairs. 


Are you encountering any of the above issues with your AC? If yes, All Around Mechanical is here to help you with our quality and dependable air conditioning services in La Center, WA. We cover all your air conditioning needs, from installation to repair to replacement. To discuss more, call us today at 360-284-1424.